Meet Your Dentist:
Dr. Babak Shahrokh

Originally from the East Coast, I came to San Diego in 2015 and immediately liked the people and the Southern California lifestyle. One of my favorite things about being a dentist is the ability to increase a patient’s confidence by giving them a beautiful smile. I am very grateful for every patient that chooses us as their dentist and with whom we get to establish trust and develop a relationship that feels like family. Every patient is unique and special, which is why I get a clear understanding of their goals and concerns first before performing any dentistry. For instance, a procedure such as dental implants may sound complicated.

Patient Care Is Important

I will sit down with my patients and we take all the time we need to explain the procedure in a way they understand and address any questions and concerns they might have. Knowing what to expect is very important in being at ease and comfortable to proceed. A treatment such as an implant placement may seem complex or complicated, but in reality, it is straightforward.Feeling pain during a procedure is often a concern, and we make every effort to prevent a patient from being in pain during or after the procedure. With the help of our modern anesthetic techniques and current medications, we keep pain to a minimum, and patients are often surprised and grateful for how painless we made it for them.

We pride ourselves on creating an environment in which the experience of “going to the dentist” is painless, comfortable, and getting you to smile again. Our dental team has a mindset of being completely patient-oriented. I enjoy treating patients of all ages and connect with every patient personally. We listen to you, our patients. We care about your entire experience at our office. From your initial phone call to when you leave, you will be greeted and treated by our friendly and caring team members, knowing how valuable your time, comfort, and feedback is.

When I hear that a patient is looking forward to coming back and seeing us, I know we did our job well.



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