The Process Of Dental Implants!

San Marcos Dental Studio

Are you interested in Dental Implants but don’t know the process?

Dental Implants are the perfect fix for any broken or missing teeth. Not only are they most durable procedure but also the procedure with the most longevity.

If you have missing teeth this is how the process will begin. First you will need to be examined by the Doctor to make sure you are the right candidate for implants. This means that you have enough bone for the implant to be placed and be stable. Once this has been determined the Doctor will cut open your gum tissue, drill holes into your bone, and place the implant into the bone.

Now time is the biggest factor. You will need to give 4-6 months for the bone in your jaw to fortify the implant. Once the 4-6 months are completed and the implant is fused to your bone, the Doctor will need to open up the gum tissue, expose the implant, and place the abutment. The abutment is the attachment to the Dental implant where your final crown will rest. Once the abutment is placed the area must heal for another 2 weeks.

After the area heals the Doctor will need to take an impression of your mouth as well as the area of the implant, in order to fabricate your final crown. The impression will either be sent to a dental lab or be fabricated in the office. Depending on the dental lab or the Doctor, the final crown will take 2-3 weeks to be fabricated. Once fabricated you will be presented to the Dental office in order to take delivery of your crown. If you are happy with the result, there will be no more steps and you may now go and enjoy your new tooth!