Dentures Versus Dental Bridge
A dental bridge is fixed in place to your natural teeth with crowns on either side of a missing tooth. The teeth on either side of the space need to be modified to hold the bridge. Dentures are removable and can be taken out for cleaning. A dental bridge can be used to restore any space, depending on the size of the space, the chewing forces, and the strength of the teeth adjacent to the space. Larger spaces may require removable dentures. Dentures do not have to be removable. Complete and partial dentures can also be fixed in place with four or six dental implants to anchor them to the jaw.

Full Mouth Extraction with Immediate Dentures

If a full mouth extraction is needed, with proper preparation, it can be all done in one single day. With a full mouth extraction, an immediate denture is fabricated for you before the extraction appointment, so it is ready at the time of surgery. They are called immediate dentures because they are delivered immediately after the extractions. Immediate dentures will help with the healing of your gums and ensure that you are not without teeth following the full mouth extraction. Same-day dentures act like band-aids by holding the gum tissue together and protecting them during the healing process.

Denture Implants

A dental implant to support a removable denture is an excellent treatment option. The anchoring of the denture to the jaw provides retention and stability for dentures, thus making them a lot more comfortable to wear. In fact, implant-supported dentures feel like natural teeth, which makes them worth the time and the cost.

Side Effects of Wearing Dentures

Fabrication of dentures, like other dental procedures, requires a significant level of expertise, skill, and care. A high-quality fabricated complete denture should be very comfortable and should have plenty of retention on its own. Dr. Shahrokh specializes in dentures, and his exact and extremely detail-oriented process ensures a well-fitting, comfortable denture to restore your beautiful smile. His expertise is also in implants that can be placed to provide anchorage for the denture, making them feel like your natural teeth.

Ulcers on the Roof of Mouth & Treatment

After the first week of wearing new dentures, sore spots are typical. Unfortunately, this is to be expected with new dentures. We always schedule an appointment one week after your fitting of the new denture for a post-op check and adjustments to make them most comfortable for you. If the dentures feel too big, the denture wasn't appropriately fabricated.



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