Best Dental Implants

Dental implant surgery is straightforward and affordable. They are the best option when a patient misses one or multiple teeth due to injury, dental decay, or gum disease. Dental implants significantly improve chewing and speaking. Most importantly, they look, feel and function just like your natural teeth.

Dental implants are titanium screws that resemble the root of a tooth and are placed in the jaw bone. They can support other types of dental restorations, such as crowns and dentures.

Dental Implant Process

We offer the best dental implant surgery in two easy steps. The first step is the placement of the titanium implant into the perfect location of the jaw. Once the implant is placed, it will be covered with the gum, allowing this mouth area to heal completely. This way, the implant under the gum integrates into the jaw bone. The integration process takes about 4 to 6 months.
The second step entails either the production and installation of a crown or a denture. We either attach a full or partial denture to the now fully functional implant.

Please note that your diagnostic appointment before implantation and surgery planning is crucial. Thanks to the most advanced technology available today, the entire process is digital, straightforward, and highly accurate. The exact placement and angle for the implant are accurately determined with a CBCT and a digitally scanned impression of the teeth. This will ensure that we choose the correct width and length for the implant and place it in the right location. Following this process makes the surgery successful, and the implant lasts for years. They provide exceptional stability and security and give you a beautiful, natural smile. Unlike removable options, dental implants can also maintain the structure of the bone.

Best Candidates for Dental Implants

Dental implants are the best treatment option for restoring missing teeth. To qualify for this treatment, you must have adequate bone height and volume. If there isn’t sufficient bone in the implant area, you will have other options. We may use other procedures, such as bone grafting or lifting the sinuses to create the volume of bone needed for the implant.
To be a great candidate, it is good to be overall healthy and have healthy gums. Living a healthy lifestyle and avoiding habits such as smoking are very important for the lasting success of dental implants. In addition, particular medication could also jeopardize the success of dental implants. Therefore, Dr. Shahrokh will perform a thorough examination during your first dental appointment to diagnose and evaluate if a dental implant is your best option.

Denture Supported Implants for Seniors and People of All Ages

You might have experienced that complete and partial dentures are unstable and uncomfortable. With the help of implants, on the other hand, dentures have an anchor to the jaw bone and prevent them from moving and being unstable. After a comfortable and esthetic complete or partial denture is fabricated, many patients choose to have an implant. We place it strategically to anchor and attach the denture to them. The implant will keep the dentures securely in place, providing excellent comfort and stability.

How to Keep Dental Implants for a Lifetime

We will develop a plan with you for your dental implants to place and maintain them lasting a lifetime. We make the overlying crown, bridge, or denture of the highest quality material available on the market. Your dental implant can last over ten years or even decades with proper care. Maintaining a healthy gum and dentition is important. Therefore, practicing good daily oral health routines and coming in for regular checkups and teeth cleanings are essential to enjoy your investment. Ideally, you want to protect the crowns with a dental guard when you grind your teeth or play contact sports.

Cost of Dental Implants

Dental implants may cost more than other treatment options, such as a dental bridge or partial dentures. However, the benefits of aesthetics, comfort, and health of the jaw and gum make it a worthwhile investment. Dental implants are sometimes the best treatment option for you and are worth the cost and expense in the long run. While some dentists may offer low price dental implants, it is essential to choose a dentist with experience and understanding of all the crucial factors of implant surgery. Implant surgery is one of our specialties, and we pride ourselves on having the eye to recognize the esthetic nuances that create the perfect, final result. If you have dental insurance, our staff is happy to help you determine and utilize your dental insurance benefits for dental implants.

Safety of Dental Implants

Dental implants are very safe. Your thorough initial exam includes a digital mapping of the surgical site and a complete procedure outline. Our process ensures your safety and the surgery's success, mitigating any associated risks.

Same-Day Dental Implants

In some instances, an implant can be placed simultaneously with the dental extraction. However, you may require a socket preservation procedure first, during which we extract, bone graft the tooth socket, and allow the extraction socket to fill in with bone. Especially if the socket place in the bone after the extraction is too large, the implant should be placed at a later date. Depending on the location, the implant can be placed 3 to 4 months after the bone grafting or socket preservation appointment.

Signs of Bad Dental Implants

Choosing an implant dentist with the expertise, skill, and experience to place dental implants properly is imperative. An incorrectly placed implant in the wrong place can be challenging to remove or redo and may limit your available treatment options. In case of a dental implant failure, you may experience excruciating pain that comes in waves, starting long after the implant placement. Therefore, you should see your dentist immediately if you experience post-op pain associated with an implant.

Bone Grafting With Dental Implants

If the area of the jaw receiving the implant does not have enough bone height, width, or depth, bone grafting may be necessary. After tooth extraction, a procedure called socket preservation grafting is needed. Socket preservation grafting is done to prevent the tooth socket from decaying leading to loss of bone volume in the area.

Implants With Bridges

Dental implants can support multi-unit bridges. If the span of the area of missing teeth is too long, multiple implants may be needed, and a dental bridge can be placed over them.

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