Emergency Dental Care 

If you have a dental emergency such as a broken tooth, dental infection or pain, swollen gums, a dislodged crown or bridge we are able to see you the same day. We understand that certain dental problems cannot wait and must be treated immediately. 


Toothaches are the most common reason for dental emergencies. Toothaches can be intense and can also radiate to neck, temple, behind the ear and jawbone. Other associated symptoms may be presence of swelling in the face or gum. This condition often requires immediate attention and treatment.

Some of the benefits of an emergency dental treatment is that it can potentially save the tooth or prevent the development of more serious conditions. It also reliefs the pain and discomfort, reduces the risks associated with an infection and restores the overall health of your body.

If you are suffering from a sudden onset dental emergency we will always see you the same day. During an emergency dental visit, first and foremost we will do what is needed to relieve you of your pain and also we will discuss with you, all of your treatment options to restore the long term health of the affected tooth.



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